Every brand dreams of it, yet few accomplish it: create a watch that is as eye-catching as it is original, a watch that defies its category and in return becomes an icon. The brand was founded in 1973 by Emile Pequignet who quickly set its brand apart by combining expressing design with an eye for detail and wearing comfort for whoever is wearing the watch.

With the Moorea, this all comes together in the bracelet of the watch. It displays Pequignet’s passion for horses in its design, which also makes it follow the curve of the wrist to perfection. The result is a watch that has character, and that is a pleasure to have on the wrist.

Legibility is another aspect in which the Moorea always excelled, and this also becomes clear when you look at their current collection. The time-only combines its characteristic look with classic elegance, while the chronograph injects a bit of sportiveness into the design. For ladies, the elegance of the model is further amplified by the use of gold tones, mother-of-pearl and diamonds in the collection. This gives them a feminine touch, without sacrificing the originality of the design. This displays the true staying power of this legendary design.

The current 2018 collection of the Pequignet Moorea watches & jewelry is available at: www.watchboutique.nl