Born out of passion, that is what we like at WTAPR, and that is what Schaftenaar Watches is! The brand is the brainchild of Arnold Vos, who saw a niche in the market and decided to make it his own, after which the birth of Schaftenaar Watches was a fact.

As a watchmaker, Arnold has a passion for technology, but also a keen eye for quality. He combined both in Schaftenaar Watches, which currently offers two different models with three different colored dials. The ‘Journey’ is a classic three-hand watch, with a date function, which oozes functional elegance. For those of us who travel a lot and/or have a passion for complications, the ‘Traveller’ is right up their alley! It combines a large date with a second time zone and a beautiful day/night indicator. Both watches are crafted in the Dutch city of Harderwijk using Swiss movements, finely crafted cases and handmade leather straps.

Before the year is over these models will be joined by a third one, with which Schaftenaar Watches will launch their very first ladies model. While the details for this watch are still under wraps, it will reflect the same elegance and craftsmanship as we can already find in the two existing models of the brand.