Luxury goods and online sales are usually at odds with each other. That this doesn’t always have to be the case was proven by Mr Porter, which successfully demonstrated the viability of online luxury retail for men. This fact also didn’t escape Breitling, which has announced that it will join the platform of Mr Porter.

To mark the occasion Breitling launched a very special version of the Navitimer Aviator 8 B01 Chronograph 43. The watch has a very expressive dial, which combines a silver base colour with anthracite subdials for the chronograph. Combined with the brown leather strap, with contrasting white stitching, this results in a sportive watch with a vintage look.

As its name already indicates is this Navitimer fitted with a young legend, Breitling’s very own B01 automatic chronograph calibre, which can be admired through the glass case back. This movement supports the tricompax layout of the chronograph, as well as the quick set date positioned between four and five o’clock.

Breitling will make 1.000 pieces of the Navitimer Aviator 8 B01 Chronograph 43 for Mr Porter, and it will be joined on their online platform by 31 other curated watches from the collection of the brand.