WTA Makes ‘Federatie Goud en Zilver’ Stronger!

In The Netherlands, the ‘Federatie Goud en Zilver’ (FGZ) is the branch organization which represents not only the goldsmiths but also the trade in precious gemstones, as well as jewellers and watchmakers. They are a very active organization that supports the watch and jewellery industry in various ways, but also reaches out to the public by promoting the field in general.

To do this as efficient and effective as possible, the FGZ has joined forces with WTA. With a multi-point approach, WTA has analyzed and improved the main communication streams according to the ambitious communication goals of the federation for the various groups it caters to. This resulted in a renewed website which brings together the wealth of knowledge that the FGZ has to offer, presented in an effective layout which is both user-friendly as well as easy to digest. WTA was not only responsible for the design, but also for the technical realization of the project.


Federatie Goud en Zilver

Project Type:

Web Development, Magazines, Photography



The website is not the only way the federation communicates as they also have Edelmetaal Magazine a glossy, quarterly magazine that inspires, informs and educates its readers. And besides that they publish Edelmetaal Actueel with fast and clear information about the industry and product news also 4 times a year.

WTA has taken on the responsibility of the creation of each issue, in close collaboration with the FGZ, so that the entire communication stream stays on track and target, with a minimum of work for the client and a maximum effect!

Project Manager / Annet Hoveling

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