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For already 28 years Eberhard & Co. has been a partner of the Nuvolari Grand Prix. Unlike the name indicates this is not a modern-day race on a closed track, but refers to the Grand Prix’s the great Nuvolari has participated in himself. 300 vintage cars, of which the oldest is built in 1919 and the most recent one in 1972, will battle each other over three days and 1,000 kilometers through some of the most beautiful regions of Italy.


Eberhard & Co.

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Tazio Nuvolari collection

For Eberhard & Co their involvement in this event has been very organic as their Tazio Nuvolari collection has become one of the most important of the brand.

In fact, over the last three decades, it has even gone beyond that and has become one of the iconic chronograph designs in watchmaking. It is therefore important that they keep the spirit of the man alive and honor his memory. At the same time, this also offers an opportunity to utilise the chronographs of the Tazio Nuvolari watches for what they were made for: to race in some of the most desirable cars on the planet.

In style


Eberhard & Co recently added the Nuvolari Legend to its line-up which also underscores this spirit. The two-register, automatic chronograph has a clean and modern design, yet with a few vintage-inspired details, continuing the legacy of Tazio Nuvolari in style!

Project Manager / Annet Hoveling

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