Eberhard Gilda: 21st Century Feminine Elegance

In today’s world, it is quite difficult to create a ladies watch that offers timeless elegance in an original package, but is in tune with the latest trends at the same time. It is a paradox, but Eberhard & Co. found the answer with the Gilda.

What makes the Gilda different is its oval-shaped case, which it combines with a variety of dials. While Eberhard & Co. does offer some more traditional options, the vast majority of the Gilda models feature asymmetrical designs that do not compromise the practical use of the watches but add eye-catching elements.

But it is not only the various dials that give the Gilda different personalities, as it also comes on a wide variety of straps, as well as a very comfortable metal bracelet which is polished to perfection. Even diamonds and precious metals have found their way into the collection making it the Gilda capable of suiting nearly every style, from classic to avant-garde, while remaining a timeless creation fueled by the DNA of Eberhard & Co. It is this unique proposition that makes the Gilda-collection an asset to the world of watches and a true representative of feminine elegance in the 21st century!