The team of WTA was asked to organize a factory vist in the great manufacture of Breitling Chronometrie in Grenchen, Swiss. The challenge for WTA was to have the right journalists in the group and seduce them for a full day trip in their busy schedule.

The goals for this invitation are crystal clear, Breitling has changed his business model in the past 10 years from a assembly company to a full manufacture in which all parts of the high end products are made in house. This is a major investment for a relatively small independent watchmaker. Most competitor brands operate in large groups with economy of scale. Breitling is completely independent and has managed over the years to become a real manufacture.

The right professionals

Since the choice of journalists, influencers, vloggers and bloggers is long, we had to make choices ánd find a way to have the right professionals onboard. Instead of booking businessclass tickets, hotels and ground transportation we arranged a private jet with VIP treatment all along.

Private Typical Swiss lunch

On arrival there was a private lunch with Waldhorn whistling and a typical Swiss smoke farmhouse together with the highest ranked technical officer of Breitling. During this lunch all questions could be asked together with 1-to-1 interviews.

Chronometrie Tour

After lunch a factory tour was arranged in the super high-end Chronometrie. The group returned early evening in the VIP part of Schiphol airport.