In a new marketing concept Breitling is connecting their exceptional watches to exceptional people. Like an elite jet fighter unit, these so-called squadrons consists of the best of the best, the masters of their chosen field. They share the same core values of Breitling and aim in their daily lives precision and perfect execution, while continuing to embrace a pioneering spirit as their qualities allow them to push the envelope further. That is the privilege of being a master.

It is therefore also no surprise that their ‘Cinema Squad’ consists of widely recognized talents such as Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Daniel Wi and Adam Driver. Their quest for excellence on and off the screen is a drive that is shared by members of the ‘Surfers Squad’. Kelly Slater, Sally Fitzgibbons and Stephanie Gilmore might perform far away from the hills of Hollywood, yet their attitude towards their chosen field is remarkably similar. Together with the ‘Explorers squad’ made up of Bertrand Piccard, Inge Solheim and David de Rothschild they also represent the different fields in which Breitling excels: stylish, waterproof, tough and dynamic watches for people who demand the best.

Breitling is intending to expand their concept with additional squadrons, having the masters of the different fields with which Breitling has a close connection representing the brand.